Having a Large Belly can Cause Breathing Problems

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Based from a new study, being overweight, especially having those unwanted belly fat can cause breathing problems among women.

A woman who has belly fat may be at higher risk for developing asthma, according to a recent research.

The study found out that women who are overweight are prone to develop asthma as compared to those who are physically fit. Aside from that, the size of the waist also plays an important part because women who have a waistline of greater than 34 inches are more likely to experience breathing problems.

Based from the results of the study, obese women have more visits to the hospital due to breathing problems. Hospital admissions are also more frequent to women who are obese because of asthma. Thus, obesity can aggravate the symptoms of asthma.

The results are quite alarming and troublesome, and with the increasing incidence of obesity, the number of hospital admissions due to asthma are also expected to increase. This is the reason why people from the health sector are encouraging everyone to maintain the ideal weight and remain physically active in order to prevent obesity and the complications that it can cause.

Jamie ChennHaving a Large Belly can Cause Breathing Problems

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