What is 1, 3, 7 Trimethylxanthine?

The magical properties of Coffee

Trimethylxanthine is essentially caffeine, an amazing discovery, that something that tastes so good is actually good for you. Coffeine, if taken regularly, helps in the reduction of type 2 diabetes. A recent health study took a number of caffeinated beverages and studied their effects on diabetes and found coffee to be the most effective.

41,934 men were tracked for a period of 12 years and 84,276 women were tracked for a length of 18 years to see the effect coffee had over diabetes. Their intake of caffeine was traced in the form of questionnaires sent out every 2 years. When the study began, all subjects were free of diabetes, cardiovascular problems and Cancer.

They found that during this time 1333 new cases in men and 4085 cases in women of type 2 Diabetes. After the adjustment for things like Body Mass Index, age and other risk factors were accounted for, it was found that drinking coffee was a common thread in reducing cases of type 2 Diabetes. The avid drinkers had greater resistance to type 2 Diabetes than the non coffee drinkers. Trimethylxanthine (caffeine) was found to be the factor that reduced the risk; decaff however was not so effective in both men and women.

Trimethylxanthine’s Effects on Energy

Coffee and other drinks containing Trimethylxanthine are mainly utilized for their pick-up. A study was done taking 72 men and 72 women both of the same age of 21. Some were fed with cereal and decaff and some with cereal and regular black roast for breakfast. Those that were given regular coffee performed better than the others in memory games and felt better at the end of the day. It fought the effects of strain and assisted them with a higher state of mental alertness.

Trimethylxanthine and your Performance

Dr. David Costill PhD, a renowned Physiologist conducted a study about the effects of caffeine in exercise. His study consisted of 2 female and 7 male cyclists. They were either given 330 mg of decaffeinated or regular in a blind drinking 60 minutes before the exercise. The ones who had the real coffee scored 18% higher in their performance than the ones who got decaffeinated. The ones who got real coffee as compared to the ones with decaffeinated were able to go on for 90 minutes against 76 minutes with the decaffeinated coffee drinkers.

Another effect of caffeine was that the people burned more fat after consuming it, than normal. This was shown by the measurement of Glycerol, respiratory exchange ratios and fatty acids which are plasma free. The burning of fat was 107% higher in the coffee drinkers than non-drinkers. The ones who had real coffee as opposed to decaffeinated found it much easier to exercise. There have been many studies that confirm this.

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