Breastfeeding and Adipex

Breastfeeding women are normally advised to avoid using Adipex-P because it is an appetite suppressant, especially since breastfeeding is a time in which mothers need to increase their caloric intake and avoid dieting. No clinical studies have been done to prove if it passes through breast milk to nursing infants. Your healthcare provider can advise you about the possible risks of using this prescription during breast feeding, so talk with your healthcare provider if you are nursing and are currently taking it.

Is it Safe to Take While Breastfeeding?

No clinical research has been done to prove if Adipex-P (phentermine) passes through breast milk. According to healthcare providers, women should avoid taking this if they are breastfeeding. They should talk with their healthcare providers before taking any medication if they are breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed.

What do the Reports Say About Breastfeeding and Adipex?

No studies have been done in women who breastfeed and it is not known if Adipex-P passes through breast milk; nevertheless, it is quite similar to amphetamines and studies have shown that amphetamines do pass through breast milk and can have negative effects on infants who nurse.

It is important that nursing mothers eat an ample and well-balanced diet while they are breastfeeding, and remember that during breastfeeding time they need to avoid dieting, but should increase calories.

Consulting With Your Healthcare Provider Prior

You and your healthcare provider should talk about Breastfeeding and Adipex-P before you decide to take it because each woman’s case is different. You and your healthcare provider know and understand your circumstances best. As you think about what you want, the benefits you expect to receive, and the current condition of your health, you and your healthcare provider can discuss together about your specific situation concerning breastfeeding and Adipex-P.