Adipex Diet Pill Review

Adipex is a drug that promotes weight loss and is a brand name for Phentermine Hcl. It is a drug that helps lose weight but for obtaining it you require a prescription as it also suppress appetite. One should ensure that a balanced diet, proper exercises and behavior therapy is required when using this drug. This diet pill is meant for people who need obesity management for short term.
This drug works by stimulating specific neurotransmitters present in the brain thereby resulting in reduced appetite. However, this drug could be addictive and is not recommended for people who are prone to drug dependency.

Unfortunately Adipex is no longer available online without a doctors prescription due to FDA regulations. Phentramin-D however has been released to the public in its replacement. Phentramin-D is a pharmaceutical-grade diet pill that delivers the same results as Adipex without the adverse side effects.

Phentramin-D: The New Adipex Replacement

This popular prescription diet drug is now being replaced by Phentamin-D due to it’s safer and more effective formula that has been proven scientifically. Phentramin-D contains only the highest scientifically proven, quality ingredients. With its new formual it is able to provide stronger appettie suppression and weight loss. Read user reviews to see what people are saying about Phentramin-D.

When compared, Phentramin-D proves to be a more effective and faster acting diet pill at a new lower price. Not only is it easier to obtain since there is no prescription needed, but doctors have been recommending Phentramin-D to their patients over dangerous nervous system stimulants such as Adipex.

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Adipex vs Phentramin-D

phentramin-d vs adipex
adipex vs phentramin-d
Diet Pills Compared: Phentramin-D Adipex
Customer Rating: diet pill rating 5/5 4.8/5
Average Weight Loss: Between 8-15lbs a month Between 9-15.8lbs a month
Strong Appetite Suppression: Yes Yes
Metabolism Boost: Exellent Good
Average Energy Boost: Medium-High Medium
Prescription Strength Formula: Yes Prescription Only
Consistency: Non-Herbal Non-Herbal
Sympathomimetic Ingredient: Yes Yes
Ingredient Effectiveness: Excellent Excellent
Average Fat Burn: High High
Legal to Buy Online: red check red x
No Prescription Needed: Prescription Needed
Customer Support: Great red x
Affordable Price: Starting @ $67.00 red x
Free Shipping: Available red x

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Information regarding Adipex

Adipex is a drug that promotes weight loss and is considered as one of the top in medications for weight loss that is available on the market. It is very successful in helping a lot of overweight people reduce weight. It suppresses the appetite and works by stimulating the hypothalamus gland which is that part of the brain that regulates appetite. It also causes specific neurotransmitters to lessen your appetite that leads to weight loss.

Aidpex – Possible interactions with other medicines

If other medications are taken along with Adipex, it could result in drug interactions.

Medications for the following ailments could cause interactions:



Blood pressure


The use of Adipex could cause the following side-effects:


Dryness of the mouth




Inconsistency in sex drive

Just as most drugs that help suppress appetite, Adipex could also be addictive. If one continues the use of it for lengthy periods that are more than the prescribed limit, it could result in the psychological or physical dependence on the medicine. If a person experiences withdrawal symptoms on stopping the use of Adipex, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

If a person is using Adipex diet pills, it should also be ensured that a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and proper weight loss targets should be maintained.

Storing Adipex

Adipex, the drug for weight loss needs proper storing. It should be stored at room temperature, that is less than 25 degrees and the bottle should be tightly closed. The drug must be kept away from sunlight and direct heat. These are the basic requirements one should keep in mind when storing them.

One should not keep Adipex-P in places that are moist and humid. This is because excess moisture and heat can lead to break down in the medicine.

Dispose medicines for which the expiry date is over.

It is very important to keep this medicine beyond the reach of children.

Skipped dosage

If you miss a dosage of Adipex, you can take it as soon as it is next possible. But, you should not take two doses at any point of time.

Usage period

The usage of Adipex should be for a short term. The efficiency of the drug gets diminished if it is used for a long period of time. The effectiveness of this drug is lost once the body develops resistance against the drug. Its purpose is to provide immediate solution for people wanting to lose weight. It is advisable to stop the using these prescription pills once you achieve your intended target otherwise it could lead to addiction.