Dosages of Adipex

Adipex should be taken once a day in the morning, and only 37.5mg tablets should be taken for weight loss. People who take this in pill form may take a lower dose of 18.75mg or half a tablet once a day. Your healthcare provider can help you with changes in the amount by prescribing a half tablet of AP two times a day, if you are having problems controlling your appetite.

An Introduction to Adipex Dosage

Your healthcare provider will prescribe Adipex (phen) dosage according to various aspects:

If you are currently taking other medications
You may be experiencing other medical conditions
Your positive or negative response to the drug
Specific prescription diet products

Only your healthcare provider should adjust the dosage of your medication unless he specifically recommends that you do it under his guidance.

Dosage for Fat Loss

Although some people may be prescribed a lower dosage of Adipex-P, 18.75mg or half a tablet once a day, the recommended dose for weight loss is 37.5mg once a day in the morning. The strength of it depends on whether it is in tablet form or capsule form. Capsule form does not yield lower strength because capsules cannot be halved. Although it may increase the risk of insomnia, your healthcare provider may prescribe half of this diet tablet two times a day to control your appetite.

AP should be used for only a few weeks or on a short-term basis, as it loses its effectiveness when used for longer periods, because the body becomes used to the appetite-suppressing properties within Adipex-P. One specific reason why Adipex-P should not be used long-term is that there is the possibility of abuse of this durg.

More Dosage Info

The following include considerations for people who are taking Adipex-P:

It is advised that it should not be taken without dieting; it should be combined with the appropriate diet.
Consult your physician, pharmacist, or nurse if you do not sure about the proper use.
It is recommended that it be taken before breakfast or one to two hours after breakfast.
The prescription must be strictly followed so that the medication may work effectively.
It’s generally taken orally once a day, even though some people may be required to take it two times a day. It comes in capsule form or in tablet form.
It is highly recommended that it be taken exactly as prescribed. It should not be taken more often nor at a higher doses, as this can cause an addition to or a dependence on it.