Top 3 Phentermine Diet Pills

Phentermine is one of the leading prescription weight loss pills but as we all know, you can’t get it without a prescription and its side effects can be very detrimental. Below, we have compiled in-depth comparison charts which evaluates the top performing diet pills that are designed to provide similar results to Phentermine. The pills below are 100% legal to purchase online and their ingerdients are proven to be effective while not promoting any harsh side effects.

Superior Appetite Suppression and Weight Loss

Phentramin-D™ is the leading replacement for Phentermine. Customers have rated it the #1 diet pill for fat loss and appetite suppression. It is a safe and effective diet supplement without the harsh side effects of amphetamines that is also available without a prescription.

Customer Rating 5/5
*Average Pounds Lost Between 8-15lbs a month
Metabolism Boost Excellent
Customer Support Great
Average Energy Boost Medium
Ingredient Effectiveness High Quality
Free Shipping Available
* Based on reports by users. Results vary by individual.

checkmark Supperior appetite suppression
checkmark Easy to swallow blue and white capsules
checkmark Offers great energy boost during workouts
checkmark No harsh side effects
checkmark One bottle contains a full 30 day supply
checkmark Free expedited shipping on 180ct orders or more
checkmark Proven ingredients: Synephrine & 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine
checkmark How It Works
checkmark More Customer Reviews
Product Price Savings Add to Cart
Phen-D 60ct $67 no discount
Phen-D 120ct $127 Save
Phen-D 180ct $157 Save
Phen-D 360ct $299 Save
Phen-D 540ct $439 Save


This pill is also commonly known as Phentemine375. This is an oral pill that works by suppressing your appetite. It gives best results when it is consumed with a combination of strict diet plan. Most users have seen respectable results from Phen375. You can expect similar weight loss results like that of Phentramin-D.

Customer Rating 4/5
*Average Pounds Lost Between 5-10lbs a month
Metabolism Boost Good
Customer Support Great
Average Energy Boost Low to Medium
Ingredient Effectiveness Good
Free Shipping Available
* Based on reports by users. Results vary by individual.

checkmark Offers decent weight loss
checkmark Active ingredients work fast
checkmark No bad side effects
checkmark Free shipping is avaiable
checkmark Decent appetite suppression
Product Price Add to Cart
Phen375 30 tabs $69.95
Phen375 60 tabs $138.90
Buy 90 Tabs Get 30 Free! $207.85

Phentermin C iv-xr – Discontinued

Phentermin C iv-xr, although not formulated in a scientifically sophisticated manner such as the new Phentramin-D™, is still one of the most effective herbal diet pills available. When comparing the two, it is very notable that Phentermin C iv-xr doesn’t pack as much potency as Phentramin-D™. This only means that the results will take a little longer to be more pronounced. This may be due to the herbal ingredients found in Phentermin C iv-xr.

Customer Rating 3.5/5
*Average Pounds Lost Between 3-8lbs a month
Metabolism Boost Good
Customer Support Exellent
Average Energy Boost Low
Ingredient Effectiveness Low-Medium (Herbal)
Free Shipping Discontinued
* Based on reports by users. Results vary by individual.

checkmark Safe herbal ingredients
checkmark No harsh side effects
checkmark May cause slight gas
checkmark No harsh side effects
checkmark Free shipping on 180ct orders or more
checkmark Slower results due to herbal ingredients
checkmark More Customer Reviews
Product Price Add to Cart
No Longer Available $62 Click Here to Try Phentramin-D

Diet Pill Research

Out of the top Phentermine and Adipex alternatives said to give the same results, Phentramin-D proved to be the closest to the prescription pills but without the bad side effects. Not only does a diet pill supplement have to provide great results but it also has to be safe and free of detrimental side effects. What good is a supplement thats going to potentially put your life in danger? The key here is safe weight loss.

The diet pills listed above are not magic pills and we are not going to tell you that they will make you lose 20lbs in four days. They will however, help you to reach your goal weight in a shorter period of time, and with the right nutrition and exercise plan you can expect to see even better results.

More Information

One of the more obvious ways to fight the belly fat is through a better diet. A drastic and excessive change to your diet is probably not needed, but a persistent and consistent dietary blue print should be followed to help ease the loss of belly fat. It is impetrative that an individual refrain from consuming foods that happen to be high in fat content. Stick with lean meats and exhibit proper portion control, to be sure not to overeat. Fish is an acception even fishes that happen to high in fat composition, such as salmon, are acceptable to eat. Be sure to refrain from fast food, and avoid anything deep fried, baked is definitely the way to go. It also helps to eat skinless meats, considering that most of the fat is located in the skin.

Remember that it is okay to skip adding the extra sauces and butters. Although they are tempting and seem to be loaded in sumptuous goodness, they are also loaded in cholesterol and unneeded calories and fat. You should also refrain from eating fatty pasta dishes and drenching your seemingly healthy salad in fatty salad dressing. It is imperative that you consume more fresh produce than you previously did and you should be sure to consume plenty of water, for it helps dearly with fat loss.