Bontril Diet Pill Review and Comparison

Unfortunately Bontril is no longer available online without a doctors prescription due to FDA regulations. Phentramin-D however has been released to the public in replacement of Bontril. Phentramin-D is a pharmaceutical-grade diet pill that delivers the same results as Bontril without the adverse side effects.

Information on Bontril

Bonrtil, also known as Bontril PDM, Obezine, Phendiet, Slow-Release, Phendimetrazine, Adipost, and Anorex-SR, acts similar to amphetamines due to its sympathomimetic amine properties. The drug is also classified as a type of “anorectic”. By stimulating the central nervous system, Bontril increases the heart rate and blood pressure levels thus resulting in decreased appetite.

Phentramin-D to replace Bontril for safer weight loss

Bontril has since been replaced by Phentamin-D due to it’s stronger formula. Not only does Phentramin-D provide faster weight loss and stronger appetite suppression, but its side effects are very minimal compared to Bontril. With the new Bontril substitue there are no widthdrawl effects, now hash stimulants like those found in Bontril, no prescription needed, and no expensive price tag. Phentramin-D provides safer, stronger results at a faster pace. To see what customers think about it, see Phentramin-D customer reviews. Read user reviews to see what people are saying about Phentramin-D.

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Phen-D, when comparing to Bontril, proves to be many times more effective and provides faster acting weight loss results at a new lower price. Not only is it easier to obtain since there is no prescription needed, but doctors have been recommending Phentramin-D to their patients over dangerous nervous system stimulants like Adipex.

See Bontril and Phentramin-D compared side by side below.

Phentramin-D vs Bontril

phentramin-d vs adipex
bontril vs phentramin-d
Diet Pills Compared: Phentramin-D Bontril
Customer Rating: diet pill rating 5/5 diet pill rating 4.7/5
Average Weight Loss: Between 8-15lbs a month Between 10-15.6lbs a month
Strong Appetite Suppression: Yes Yes
Metabolism Boost: Exellent Great
Average Energy Boost: Medium-High High
Prescription Strength Formula: Yes Prescription Only
Consistency: Non-Herbal Non-Herbal
Sympathomimetic Ingredient: Yes Yes
Ingredient Effectiveness: Excellent Excellent
Average Fat Burn: High High
Legal to Buy Online: red check red x
No Prescription Needed: Prescription Needed
Customer Support: Great red x
Affordable Price: Starting @ $67.00 red x
Free Shipping: Available red x
Resources: Learn More See Customer Reviews Back to Top Not Yet Rated
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A Word of Caution

For those who are taking Bontril it is advised not to operate any type of heavy machinery, and to take extra care when driving. Bontril has to the potential to cause dizziness, blurry vision, and other symptoms that can be hazardous to your health.


Bontril should not be taken by those who have a history of high blood pressure, heart disease, or arteriosclerosis , and glaucoma. Before consuming Bontril it is very important seek the help and advice of your physician. It is also good practice to inform your physician of any irregular health conditions such as: epilepsy, thyroid problems, diabetes, and anxiety disorder—Just to name a few. In regards to pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, it is important to note that Bontril transmission within breast milk has yet to be confirmed. It is best that close consultation be held with your physician during this period.

How to Take Bontril – Bontril Dosage

The usual administration given by physicians is one dose 2-3 times a day when given the immediate-release formula or one dose only 1 time per day when given the extended release formula. Store at room temperature.

Missed Dosages or Overdosing Bontril

For missed dosages: Take the missed dose as soon as possible as long as it is not too late in the day or too close to your next dose. If the dose is take too late in the day it will cause sleeplessness. With the above said, never take double dose of Bontril. Overdosing: In the case of an overdose, immediately seek emergency medical attention. Some known symptoms due to Bontril overdose are rapid breathing, vomiting, panic, confusion, irregular heartbeats, tremors, nausea, and diarrhea.

Bontril Side Effects

Possible side effects from taking Bontril are throat constriction, allergic reaction, abnormal behavior, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, hallucinations, swelling of the face and tongue, decreased sex drive, diarrhea, and addiction to Bontril. Please consult with your physician regarding any unusual side effects.

Final Thoughts

Bontril offers great weight loss support and results, but obviously it was banned for online sales by the FDA for a reason. Its health effects can be extremely adverse if administration is not closely supervised by a medical professional. Phentramin-D gives you great fat burning and appetite suppressing results while taking care not to harm your central nervous system and other internal organs.

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Introduction: Bontril and Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the side effects among many others that you get with the use of Bontril. Things you can do to avoid these side effects would be to take your afternoon naps before 3:00 p.m. instead of later, improve your sleep habits, avoid doing physical exercise two hours before your bedtime, and keep a regular sleep-wake schedule. If after you have adjusted your sleep habits and reprogrammed your sleep schedule, you still experience symptoms of insomnia while taking Bontril, talk with your healthcare provider about other alternatives that can help you to sleep better at night.

Insomnia is a side effect that is caused by taking Bontril (phendimetrazine tartrate). There has not been any report of the exact percentage of people who experience insomnia while taking Bontril. This medication may cause insomnia because it acts as a stimulant.

An Explanation of Insomnia

This side effect includes many of the following symptoms that are very common among many people:

* Awakening too early in the morning

* Waking up often during the night and having trouble going back to sleep

* Sleep that is not satisfying or refreshing

* Trouble falling asleep and staying asleep

Suggestions for Relief: Bontril and Insomnia

Ask your healthcare provider about taking the medicine earlier in the day if you are having problem with insomnia while taking Bontril. Another alternative would be to develop good sleep habits, which might be less expensive but safe. The following tips can assure you better sleep at night:

* Avoid large meals two hours before bedtime.

* Avoid nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine within the four to six hours before bedtime.

* Exercising five to six hours before bedtime may help you to sleep soundly, so avoid exercise within two hours of bedtime.

* Take your afternoon naps earlier than 3:00 p.m.

* Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Keep a regular sleep-wake schedule.

* Wind down 30 minutes before your bedtime with relaxing pre-sleep rituals like soft music, reading, or a warm bath.

* Sleep in a quiet, dark room at a comfortable temperature.

* Do a quiet activity somewhere else if you can’t fall asleep within 20 minutes, and return to bed when you become sleepy.

Conclusive observation: Bontril and Insomnia

Your healthcare provider cannot know if your may or may not develop insomnia while you are taking Bontril. It is difficult to know if these problems are a result of taking Bontril or other medications if insomnia does not occur in some cases.

Make sure that you talk with your healthcare provider if you experience insomnia while taking Bontril ask him or her to recommend other treatments; for instance, he or she could try another weight loss drug or adjust your dosage of Bontril.

Introduction: Bontril Side Effects

There are possible side effects with Bontril, even though many people may not experience any problems. Hyperactivity, blurred vision, and insomnia are some of the common side effects that some people experience with Bontril. If you experience serious side effects like forceful or rapid heart beats, signs of an allergic reaction, and if you feel the need to take the medication more often than is prescribed, talk with your healthcare providers immediately.

Possible side effects are common with almost every medicine, and Bontril (phendimetrazine) is not an exception. Nevertheless, side effects do not generally affect everyone who takes Bontril.

Some, but not all possible side effects with Bontril are discussed in this article. Ask your healthcare provider to discuss a more complete list of side effects that you may experience with Bontril.

Frequent Side Effects of Bontril

Much careful research and tests have been done on the side effects that one group of people experience while taking Bontril and other tests were conducted in people who did not take the medicine. The results showed what side effects occurred and how often they appeared, and how they compared to the group of people that did not take Bontril. Consequently, because Bontril is an older medication, the percentage of frequency that the side effects occurred is not available, but with newer medicines those results are obtainable.

The side effects of Bontril that studies revealed are:

* Insomnia

* Restlessness

* Sweating

* Hyperactivity

* Flushing

* Headaches

Reports of Bontril Side Effects

Although some side effects of Bontril occur less frequent, they are still potentially serious and you should notify your healthcare provider immediately if you experience any of the following side effects:

* Restlessness or agitation

* Tachycardia or rapid heart rate

* Strange behavior

* More aggressive or outgoing behavior than normal

* Hallucination—hearing, feeling, or seeing things that are not really there

Diverse Uses of Bontril

There is a chemical similarity between Bontril and amphetamines in that it suppresses the appetite and may increase metabolism. Bontril is used to treat people ages 12 and older who become obese by overeating, or better known as exogenous obesity. It is approved only for short-term use because it loses it effectiveness to suppress the appetite after a few weeks. In addition, an appropriate diet plan should be followed when taking Bontril.

As a short-term weight loss aid, Bontril, also known as phendimetrazine tartrate, is a prescription medication that must be used with an appropriate diet plan. It is not recommended for long-term use.

Many people have difficulty following ideal weight loss plans that focus on gradual weight loss that involve eating a healthy diet and increasing physical activity, and they may need extra help to accomplish this. There has been such a tremendous increase in obesity that many people are seeking products to help them with weight loss. Taking weight loss pills is one of the alternatives that many people choose, especially if they have not been successful in combating obesity with diet and exercise.

Endogenous obesity and exogenous obesity are the two categories of obesity that some people experience. When a person is suffering from hypothyroidism, it is said the he or she has Endogenous obesity, and Exogenous obesity is caused by over eating and a lack of sufficient physical exercise. Bontril was not developed to treat endogenous obesity, which is caused by a medical dysfunction, but instead is used to treat exogenous obesity.

A Body Mass Index or BMI of 30 or more is characterized as the definition of adult obesity. You are considered overweight, but not obese if you have a body mass index of 25 and 30. A lack of physical exercise, overeating, and other medical conditions like hypothyroidism, are the causes of obesity. Other health effects of obesity are strokes, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Although it may help to boost metabolism, Bontril works generally as an appetite suppressant. It is approved mainly for short-term use—to be used only for a few weeks to treat obesity in people whoa re 12 years and older, but must be used in conjunction with an appropriate diet. After a few weeks, Bontril becomes ineffective because the appetite-suppressant effect usually wears off. You should discontinue its use and not increase doses if it loses its effectiveness.

Functions of Bontril

Bontril suppresses the appetite by affecting the neurons in the brain; it also increases metabolism. It is chemically linked to amphetamines.

Children and the Use of Bontril

Children under 12 years of age should not be treated for obesity with Bontril. Consult with your healthcare provider about the risks and benefits that can be derived from using Bontril on children.

Uses of Off-Label Bontril

In addition to weight loss, sometimes your healthcare provider may recommend Bontril for other health reasons. This is referred to as Off-Label use; however, currently, there are no universal uses for off-label Bontril.