Uses of Ephedra

Ephedra has been well known as a weight loss supplement; although in traditional Chinese medicine it has various uses. The ingredients in Ephedra are quite similar to amphetamines and act as powerful chemical stimulants, which help to boost metabolism and suppress the appetite. But because of safety health concerns, and also potentially dangerous side effects, the United States banned the sale of Ephedra.

How is Ephedra Used?

In traditional Chinese medicine Ephedra, also known as ma huang still has a variety of uses; however, in the United State it has been banned for many years.

These days people are becoming desperate for quick fixes to help them lose weight. Many people today feel that they need help in their efforts to lose weight, and seem to have a problem following the ideal weight loss plans that focus on gradual weight loss by increasing physical activity and eating a healthy diet. Some people first consider using weight loss pills, instead of taking drastic measures like going for weight loss surgery. This is the option they choose if exercise and diet have been ineffective and they have been unsuccessful in controlling their obesity.

The United States has banned Ephedra due to safety concerns, although it has proven to be effective for short-term weight loss.

What Functions Does Ephedra Have?

Several other similar chemicals, like the chemical ephedrine, which is an active ingredient in Ephedra, are chemically similar to amphetamines and they act as powerful stimulants. These chemicals are effective in increasing metabolism and suppressing the appetite, which is great for weight loss, but they cause dangerous side effects.

The Use of Ephedra in Children

Children may be more sensitive to the effects of Ephedra than adults, which is the case with most medications or supplements. Ephedra is not safe for anyone to use, especially children.