Is Phentermine Dangerous?

The Effectiveness of Phentermine

Although some Phentermine users claim that they can lose 4 to 5 lbs per month, Phentermine is no magic drug. Along with taking Phentermine you have to continue a regimen of exercises and control your intake of food. Phentermine is a good appetite suppressant but does not work wonders. Do not expect an overnight transformation.

Despite its effectiveness on weight loss, Phentermine contains harmful ingredients which have been reported to cause a host of side effects. Phentermine has been banned from OTC sales, and for good reason. It can cause insomnia, headache, constipation or diarrhea, a higher rate of heartbeats; it could make your mouth dry, some people report having hallucinations and in a significant percentage of users, it causes higher blood pressure than normal. One of the more dangerous side effects is central nervous system stress. Phentramine can also be harmful in allergic conditions; some people have difficulty breathing after a dose of Phentermine.

Phentramin, and Phentramin-D

With Phentermine’s harmful rep, companies have released safe and effective solutions that were designed to mimic the rapid weight loss effects found in Phentermine. The diet pill that most closely resembles Phentermine’s strength is Phertramin-D. It contains no Herbal ingredients, like Hoodia or Chiltosan. Another alternative is Phentramin, which is an herbal counterpart directed towards the organic conscious.

Phentramin and Phentramin-D are both available over-the-counter, and are both safe and effective weight loss aids. With the danger of Phentermine and ephedra containing products, the ability to lose weight is a gamble. Phentramin-D offers non-Rx, worry free weight loss with the same amount of effectiveness as Phentermine.

We need to keep the public apprised of the developments in the weight loss industry. We offer the safest methods to help you get rid of unwanted weight and fat. A person’s health is more important than trying to lose a few pounds. Some people may have achieved weight loss with Phentermine but overall, its risk factors are too high for us to recommend you to use it.

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