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Phenteramin Reviews

Safe and Legal Ephedra

Introducing the all new Ephedra replacement, Phenteramin. With the success of Phentramin-D, the makers decided it was time to build off of that and create an even more powerful product.

At first glance it would seem very similar to Phentramin-D (besides the red label of course) but what sets this product apart is the more potent formula.

Although Ephedra was once very very effective, it has long been banned from the weight loss industry due to the incredibly harmful side effects that were being reported. Those days are now over. Lazarus Labs has managed to develop a similar formula that not only passes safety requirements but does it’s job as a weight loss supplement.

Key Benefits

24hr Sustained Fat Burning
Increased energy
Faster Metabolism
1,3 dimethylpentylamine
Strong Appetite Suppression

Patent Pending Formula

Phenteramin’s potent formula consists of the following ingredients:

Proprietary Formulation containing 264mg
2-alpha-Hydroxyursolic acid

These ingredients are what make this product so effective and allows for rapid weight loss. If you were once a fan of Ephedra and can no longer obtain it due to laws and FDA regulations, then Phenteramin is your answer.


Take 1 pill with at least 8oz of water about 20-30 minutes prior to eating breakfast. The next pill should be consumed in the same manner but before lunch. This should be a total of 2 pills per day. It is not advised to exceed the recommended daily dose. And please remember to consult with a qualified physician before taking any supplement or engaging in any fitness activities.

Where to Buy Phenteramin

New Ephedra Replacement Price Savings Add to Cart
60 Pills $67 no discount
120 Pills $127 Save
180 Pills
(Super Saver Pack)
$157 Save
360 Pills $299 Save
540 Pills
(Bulk Discount)
$439 Save

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