Phentermin C IV 37.5

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Phentermin C IV – XR: Discontinued

Purchasing Adipex or Phentermine online is not legal. But, for purchasing our Phentermin™ C IV 37.5, it is not necessary to have a prescription and it can be purchased online legally.

This pill is commonly known with the name Phentermin 37.5. This is an oral pill that works by suppressing your appetite. It gives best results when it is consumed with a combination of strict diet plan.

Discontinued – And Replaced With The New Phentramin-D


Phentermin formula acts fast.

It aids in effective suppression of appetite.

It aids to maintain normal levels of blood sugar.

It results in fast loss of weight and is safe to use.

You feel energized on using this supplement.

It has no side-effects.

You not feel jittery or nauseated on its use.

Phentermin C vs Phentermine

phentramin vs phentermine
adipex vs phentramin-d
Diet Pills Compared: Phentermin C IV Phentermine
Customer Rating: diet pill rating 3.5/5 5/5
Average Weight Loss: Between 3-11lbs a month Between 9-15.8lbs a month
Strong Appetite Suppression: Low-Medium Yes
Metabolism Boost: Decent Great
Average Energy Boost: Low-Medium Medium-High
Prescription Strength Formula: No Prescription Only
Consistency: Herbal Non-Herbal
Sympathomimetic Ingredient: No Yes
Ingredient Effectiveness: Great Excellent
Average Fat Burn: Medium Very High
Legal to Buy Online: red check red x
No Prescription Needed: Prescription Needed
Customer Support: Great red x
Affordable Price: Starting @ $62.00 red x
Free Shipping: Available red x

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Discontinued – And Replaced With The New Phentramin-D Click Here

How to consume Phentermin™ C IV 37.5

You are required to have one or two Phentermin tablets in the morning before breakfast, ideally on an empty stomach. Likewise, you should have one or two Phentermin tablets before lunch. You should avoid having these tablets later in the evening as these are known to increase sleeplessness.

If you observe any ill effects on using these pills, you can contact your doctor or physician.


You should not have Phentermin if you are either pregnant or still breast feeding your baby. Also, it should not be had by a person who is under 18 years of age. A person with heart problems or who suffers from high blood pressure should seek a doctor’s opinion before having Phentermin. Any concern you have regarding either the ingredients of the pill or any other general concerns, seek a clarification from a doctor.

Prior to usage

You should make sure you report to your doctor all the medication you are under prior the usage of this supplement. This is necessary as some medicines or supplements could interact with Phentermin. One should bear in mind that the use of Phentermin does not eliminate the need to have a proper diet and exercise routine.

How to store

It must be stored at room temperature. Avoid exposure to sunshine and moisture. It must be kept away from the contact of children.

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