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Phentramin-D Reviews

We have put together a collection of customer submitted reviews on Phentramin-D, the #1 Phentermine replacement that was designed for everyone at any weight to burn fat effectively. If you’re like the millions of others that are looking to lose unwanted weight or you’re having trouble burning excess fat, the answer is a pharmaceutically proven product. Experience the power of Phentramin-D™ and get that beautiful toned body you’ve always dreamed of. See the results for yourself!

Phentramin-D™ has been extensively researched and tested by qualified laboratories. It has been proven time and time again by real consumers with real weight loss tribulations. With its complex prescription strength ingredients, it has the power to increase your metabolism, and suppress your appetite, while at the same time increase your energy levels. Phentramin-D™ is the strongest clinically proven weight loss pill on the market without a prescription.

Unique Diet Formula for Faster Weight Loss

After a number of trials and scientific tests, Phentramin-D was released to the public. It has impressed not only us, but a number of over weight consumers. It is unique in the fact that its formula offers the same energy boost and appetite suppression without the harsh side effects of prescription Phentermine.

Julie’s Video Review
Julie’s Positive Experience“After I had my daughter I still weighted 180lbs my co-worket recommed the phentramin-di tried them I’ve been losing weight every week. They have increased my enery and reduced my appitate. I’m still ordering them.”



Product Used:60ct (1 Month)


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Our study shows that 98% of customers that were surveyed agree that the new Phentramin-D is undoubtedly just as effective as Phentermine for weight loss and appetite suppression.

Average Weight Loss with Phentramin-D*

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Phentramin-D™ is the #1 replacement to Phentermine. It’s a safe and effective weight loss supplement without the harsh side effects of amphetamines.

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How Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Phentramin-D goes the extra mile to ensure that its users receive the most powerful and effective weight loss formula by combining powerful pharmaceutical grade compounds. It offers stress-free weight loss results by ensuring safe chemistry between your body and the ingredients.

It duplicates the weight loss and hunger suppression effects of the all mighty Phentermine prescription weight loss pill but leaves behind it the side effects that most patients see when taking Phentermine. Phen-D HCL does this by taking advantage of Synephrine hydrochloride’s and 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine’s neurological processes within the brain.

synephrine hydrochloride and 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine are cyclic amp boosters that not only aid in weight loss and appetite suppression, but increase energy as well. This helps you tackle your workouts in full force. What better way to end a fat demolishing workout than with a smile on your face.

We and the manufactures both believe in a fulfilling workout and most of all a rewarding diet pill. Take advantage of Phentramin-D scientific breakthrough and prove to the world that you CAN lose weight fast.

Proven Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Synephrine Hydrochloride



Phentramin-D is simple and effective. It’s a serious diet pill that only uses the bare essentials. A lot of other diet pills on the market try to fill their nutrition facts chart with as many “proven” ingredients as possible. This not only leads to unwanted side effects, but we believe that a diet pill should prove itself through fast, effective results, and customer backing; not by flexing their muscles with a long list of useless ingredients on a piece of paper.

Kim’s Before & After Photos
Kim’s Positive Experience“I heard great things about Phentramin D and thought I would give it a try. I have tried alot of different diet pills on the market and weight loss plans and formulated my own plan to fit my needs. I have lost over 50 lbs to date taking Phentramin D as prescribed, eating sensibly and exercising. I am happier than I have been in a long time and the confidence is coming back. I no longer have that bloated look. My journey is not finished but I wanted to testify to this product that it actually works and is the best thing that I have ever tried! My journey is far from over but if you are hesitating on ordering, don’t! This is the best thing I ever did for myself. *I have ordered more than once but can not locate any other order numbers*”


Jeffersonville, KY

Product Used: 180ct (3 Months)

What is Phentramin-D Hydrocloride?

The Phentramin product line (developed by Lazarus Labs, LLC) has come a long way since the ban of Phentermine by the FDA. Phentramin-D is the new and improved Phentermine replacement. It takes a step beyond the old product by eliminating life threatening side effects and addiciton problems, creating a unique weight loss formula designed to suppress hunger and increase metabolic rates to burn fat faster and more importantly, safer than the prescription.

How to Take Phentramin-D

The suggested dosage is to take one capsule 20 minutes before breakfast with a glass of water and one capsule 20 minutes before lunch with a glass of water. It is also recommended to engage in a sensible exercise and diet program while take Phentramin-D.

Where Can I Buy It?

We have made it easy to obtain Phentramin-D. Given it’s safe consistency, it is legally available for purchase over the internet unlike Phentermine, which has been banned by the FDA to protect consumers from the harmful effects it has on the central nervous system. As a result of this, Phentramin-D was developed for those who want the weight loss power of the prescription drug but without the harsh side effects. Using the chart below you can begin to experience the fat burning power of Phentramin-D that everyone is raving about.

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How Much Does It Cost?

A single 1 month order of Phentramin-D cost only $67.00 plus the cost of shipping. From our experience and the reports of customers, they are seeing the best overall savings value with the Super Saver Package($157.00 + Free UPS Expedited Air Shipping). That’s a total savings of $44. We received our 180ct for testing in a record 2 days via UPS with tracking and in plain packaging.

If you have decided that Phentramin-D is for you, you can take advantage of our super savings and free RUSH shipping on all orders of 180ct (3months) or more.

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Is it Possible to Get Some For FREE?

Yes! We’ve seen such great results from it, that periodically, we hold promotional contests for a chance to win a free bottle of Phentramin-D plus awesome gifts and discounts to anyone who submits a success story along with before & after photos of themselves, and we’ll feature your story throughout our website if you’re a lucky winner. Follow us on Facebook for contest updates!

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