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Is Phentramin an Effective Weight Loss Supplement?phentramin diet pills

Our main focus is on Phentermine-type pills and to find ones that can truly duplicate the successful weight loss results of the prescription version.

Our reviews are collected through individual testing combined with feedback from customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions regarding your weight loss.

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phentramin-d bottleCarefully researched, developed, and tested by Lazarus Labs, Phentramin-D™ has delivered proven, fat burning and energy boosting results time after time.

What makes Phentramin-D so effective in weight loss?

With the power to create paralleled biological reactions between the brain and the stomach, Phentramin-D™ effectively manipulates your body’s natural fat burning process to suppress appetite and increase metabolic rate. Glucose is created during digestion of the food you eat when this production of glucose occurs a signal is then sent to the brain. Within the brain is the hypothalamus. Once the hypothalamus receives the signals, your brain is then able to tell the rest of the body that it is no longer hungry or needs to eat. Through the use of its powerful ingredients, Phentramin-D™ is able to stimulate certain natural processes with the human body. These ingredients were designed to act as natural glucose production, in turn telling the body that it is full. As a result of this, unwanted food cravings are ceased for an extended period. Phentramin-D™ simultaneously works to burn fat by the use of other powerful ingredients. With the help of these clinically proven compounds, you body’s metabolism levels are increased. Once this occurs, your body naturally burns away existing fat cells. It also increases energy levels which give you that extra push during your daily workout routines

Why is Phentramin-D™ ranked as the best weight loss product?

Phentramin-D™ has proven itself over and over again by safely providing overweight individuals with an effective weight loss alternative. Let’s take a closer look at Phentramin-D™ to see why it’s ranked as the best weight loss product available on the market.

It contains a comprehensive combination of clinically proven and test pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Phentramin-D™ does not contain any weak herbal ingredients that claim to provide results. Instead, Phentramin-D™ has been thoroughly formulated with nothing but the best and highest quality ingredients that yield proven results. These ingredients are among the highest strength of potency in today’s diet pills that is available without a prescription.

Stimulates natural weight loss processes in the body to promote unparalleled potency.

With its complex scientific makeup, Phentramin-D™ is able to stimulate the body’s natural production of norepinephrine. With this stimulation, there is a noticeable decrease in appetite, increased metabolic rates, and it takes the body’s fat cells and burns them as energy. In Phentramin-D™ you won’t find any of the dangerous amphetamines that are found in prescription drugs. This in turn lowers risks and removes the possibilities of the harsh side effects associated with prescription drugs.

Provides safe and consistent weight loss.

Phentramin-D™ helps you consistently and safely lose weight. Unlike other diet pills that claim to help you lose 30 pounds in one week, Phentramin-D™ helps you lose weight in a realistic and safe fashion. Within weeks you will notice your body taking the toned shape that you’ve been working hard to obtain. There are a number of consumers who have seen steady weight loss results through Phentramin-D’s™ powerful combination appetite suppression, increased energy, and higher metabolisms. You can learn more about the experiences of many users who have had success with Phentramin-D™ by hearing their success stories.

After careful analysis and testing, we have found that Phentramin-D™ is truly one of a kind and has been able to hold its own by providing REAL proven results.

I’m new to Phentramin-D. Should I buy a 60ct just to try it or go for the savings?

We’ve seen great overall savings and weight loss results when we went with a 180ct (3 month) order of Phentramin-D™. The 180ct order offers FREE super fast expedited shipping via UPS along with a total savings of $44. This is the perfect package for a quick 3 month weight loss plan.

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With the powerful appetite suppression of Phentramin-D™ it is a great opportunity to consume meals that are healthy and low-caloric, thus, this will speed up the results you get from Phentramin-D™. Take advantage of this weight loss break through with our most affordable weight loss package today!

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Criteria Phentramin-D™ Test Results
Consumer Rating Rated #1
Average Weight Loss 2-4lbs/week
Energy boost Strong Customer Service and Support Excellent
Metabolic Enhancement Strong Cost of Shipping FREE
Appetite Control Strong Consumer Review Approved Yes
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Phen375 Review & Comparison

Ranked #2

Phen375Phen375, although not formulated in a scientifically sophisticated manner such as the new Phentramin-D™, is still one of the most effective herbal diet pills available. When comparing the two, it is very notable that Phen375 and Phentramin-D™ both come very close in effectiveness. However certain results might take a little longer to be more pronounced depending on the individual and their biological composition. This may be due to the herbal ingredients found in Phentermine375. Phen375 regulates the activities of your thyroid thus stimulating your metabolism for naturally increased fat burning levels.

We highly recommend both Phen375 and Phentramin-D™, for their scientifically proven and tested ingredients. But with Phentramin-D you will see faster more effective results due to its higher pharmaceutical potency.


Criteria Phen375 Test Results
Consumer Rating Rated #2
Average Weight Loss 1-3lbs/week
Energy boost Medium Customer Service and Support Excellent
Metabolic Enhancement Medium Cost of Shipping FREE
Appetite Control Medium Consumer Review Approved Yes
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Proactol™ Review and Comparison

Ranked #3

proactolProactol™, another diet pill that has proven its effectiveness among a number of consumers. Proactol™ does its job by binding fat cells to the fiber within the diet pill. This blocks the deposit of certain levels of fat cells within the body. The fibers are extracted from the cactus Opuntia Ficus-Indica, and it is the main ingredient in Proactol™ responsible for weight loss. With the help of these natural fibers, it eliminates about 28% of the fat that is consumed during a meal.

With fat cells being blocked from the food that you eat, we feel a bit concerned about long-term health factors, see health tips. When these fat cells are blocked you lose and maintain a certain amount of weight, but by doing this your body my not be absorbing some of the necessary healthy fats that it needs to maintain its healthy status. This is why we rank Proactol third on our list of diet pills.

Proactol™ fails to distinguish between good and bad fats. Poly-saturated fats (the good fats) are needed by the body to sustain itself, while mono–saturated fats have been believed to do the body harm. Proactol™ has no way to know which fats to block once it has been ingested and the fibers are released into the body.

The biggest benefit of Proactol™ is that you can eat foods high in fat and still be able to lose weight. This is a great solution

The Conclusive Analysis: Our concern with Proactol™ is its impact on the body for long-term use. Strictly considering its benefits as a weight loss tool that allows you to eat a fat rich diet, it is certainly effective, and thus, we rate the diet pill at #3.


Criteria Proactol™ Test Results
Consumer Rating Rated #3
Average Weight Loss 1-2lbs/week
Energy boost N/A Customer Service and Support Good
Metabolic Enhancement Strong Cost of Shipping FREE
Appetite Control Medium Consumer Review Approved Yes
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