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Phentramin Reviews

Phentramin is the older, less effective version of Phentramin-D. We have rated it #3 out of the top 3 diet pills we compared. Phentramin was created to offer people a safe and natural side-effect free weight loss supplement that could be legally purchased over the internet.
Phentramin is a great weight loss pill for the organic concious. Among many other natural ingredients, Phentramin contains Hoodia Gordonii, Chromium, and Green Tea.

What Exactly is Phentramin?

UPDATE:Phentramin is the original diet pill from Lazarus Labs. Recently the company made a new version available, called Phentramin-D. Our testing and customer feedback proves that Phentramin-D is far more effective than their previous version.

The original formula of Phentramin is herbal, and includes hoodia, chromium, green tea extract, guarana and magnolia bark. This is one of the most effective herbal diet pills we’ve tested, but as we said, their new version is much better at helping you lose weight, and for now, it’s available without prescription.

Phentramin is an ideal product if you’re looking for an all natrual appetite suppressant with few side effects. A few customers notified us that they felt a bit nauseous when taking herbal Phentramin, and others had trouble getting to sleep on time, but that’s it for side effect reports.

Overall, we recommend the newer improved Phentramin-D for maximum weight loss, but if you’re set on herbal, Phentramin is probably a wise choice.

Product Price Savings Add to Cart
Phentramin 60ct $62 No Discount
Phentramin 120ct $112 Save
Phentramin 180ct $147 Save

How Does Phentramin Compare?

Phentramin was once a great weight loss aid, and still is. It is natural in character and substance, while providing stress free weight loss that compares to that of the prescription drug. You can think of Phentramin as the building block for Phentramin-D. It once reigned as a top herbal diet pill. In their quest to provide the closest resemblance in weight loss and appetite suppression to the Rx version, Lazarus Labs developed Phentramin-D. Phentramin-D has revolutionized the prescription alternative OTC pill craze by being the only pill the we have come across that works as well and as effectively as the doctor prescribed option itself.

Things You Should Know

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Please note that Phentramin is an herbal supplement, therefore naturally it’s results will be less pronounced than that of Phentramin-D. Phentramin-D was created to bypass this obsticle to allow everyone to benefit from the full power of a proven over the counter diet pill.

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Phentramin Ingredients

Green Tea
Magnolia Bark
Hoodia gordonii Cactus Powder
Guarana Extract
Cha’ De Gugre
Banaba Extract

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