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Shocking Proactol Reviews

Is it the Ultimate Fat Binder / Carb-Blocker?

Proactol diet pills are a combination of ingredients that are focused around carbohydrate blocking and fat blocking so it would fall under the carb-blocker diet pills category. Although Proactol is a different type of diet pill than the Phentermine appetite suppressants that we normally review on our site, we found it in the interest of our visitors to offer information on a wide range of quality performing diet pills.

As some may know, Proactol has been around for quite some time now, but despite it’s popularity, does it really do the job that it’s supposed to do? First, let’s take a look at a couple factors and claims made by the manufactures of Proactol.

How Does Proactol Work?

Being a fat/carb-blocker, Proactol blocks the fats from the foods that you consume instead of suppressing your appetite like Phentramin-D. What this does is allows you to enjoy the foods that you like while eliminating about 28% of the fat found in those tasty morsels that we all love to indulge in.

Consisting of a 100% organic formula, Proactol is safe and free of the many harsh side effects found with most prescription diet pills today. Safe and healthy weight loss is top priority on our list because what good is being skinny when you’re on a hospital bed due to some central nervous system malfunction caused by prescription pills.

Benfits of Using Proactol

Eliminate up to about 28% of the fat that you consume
Fast, controlled weight loss
Non existant side effects
180 days money back guarantee
Non chemical formula
Allergen free forumla
CE – medically approved

Proactol Ingredients


Proactol uses NeOpuntia as its main fat binding ingredient. This 100% percent natural fiber complex is made up of both soluble and non-soluble fiber that is derived from the dehydrated leaves of the Opuntia ficus-indica cacti. As stated above, this fiber binds the fat found in foods and prohibits absorption by the small intestine. Once this has taken place then most of the excess fat is then removed from the body via the human gastric system.

Soluble Fiber

The soluble fiber within Proactol sets the pace by slowing down your body’s digestion process and ability to absorb sugars. This type of fiber is more of a viscous substance than the non-soluble fiber.

Non-Soluble Fiber

This type of fiber works almost instantly once it bonds to dietary fat and forms into a gel-like substance. This process restricts the absorption as well and redirects the unabsorbed fat to naturally pass through your body’s waste – hence fat-blocking.

Check out the diagram below to get a visual on how it works.

Proactol Before and After Pictures

Proactol has literally reshaped hundreds of thousands of individuals into the the thinner figures that they once dreamed of having. Take a look at what Proactol has managed to offer other people who were once in your exact situtation. Below see Peter before he had started taking Proactol and then see Peter’s results after introducing Proactol into his lifestyle.

Proactol As Seen In:


Proactol in Spanish

Why Did We Not Rate Proactol #1?

Proactol is an extremely effective diet supplement, however, the only issue we see with Proactol is it’s inability to distinguish the difference between good fats and bad fats. This causes good fats such as monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats to be removed from the body along with the bad fats as well (like saturated and trans fats).

Therefore, it is recommended to take a multi-vitamin when using Proactol due to the deprived essential fats and other minerals, and hence why we rank Phentramin-D the #1 diet pill instead of Proactol.

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