Xenical Prescription Diet Pill Review

Xenical is a prescription only drug and therefore requires written apporval from your doctor in order to purchase it online. FDA regulations prohibit online sales and purchase of Xenical. Fortunately however, Phentramin-D has been released to the public to replace Xenical for weight loss. Phentramin-D is a pharmaceutical-grade diet pill that safer and stronger results than Xenical without the adverse side effects, and is 100% legal to purchase online.

Some of you may of heard of the diet pill Xenical, it’s also known by its generic name [Orlistat|Pronounced: (OR-li-stat)]. It’s used today as a diet pill supplement to aid people who are 12 years and older with obesity problems. Xenical is a fat blocker also known as a inhibitor for gastrointestinal lipase. Xenical performs by blocking fat from being digested into a person’s diet. It’s recommended to use Xenical in conjunction with a calorie reduced diet.

What is Xenical?

Xenical is used to administer obesity issues along with weight loss and maintaining a person’s weight with a calorie reduced diet. It functions by blocking certain fats that a person eat from being consumed by their body. Xenical has been known to decrease a person’s consumption of fat-soluble vitamins. To avoid malnutrition, your physician will recommend a daily intake of multivitamins containing vitamins K, vitamin E, vitamin D and beta carotene.

Normally one should take their vitamins once a day depending on what the instructions call for. It’s also recommended that you take your vitamins two hours before your Xenical dosage or two hours after. You should never take your vitamin supplement along with your Xencal dosage. Nor should you take more Xenical than prescribed. Studies show that increased dosages of Xenical at 120 mg that is usually taken 3 times a day, have not help clients to speed things up and lose extra weight.

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Xenical vs Phentramin-D

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Xencial vs phentramin-d
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Xenical Directions

In the event that you feel you may have overdosed, you should seek medical emergency. Overdose symptoms for Xenical have not been thoroughly studied.

Xenical Dosage

Like every prescription drug, Xenical should be taken exactly as prescribed by your doctor. If you need assistance with your directions, you can always call your pharmacy and ask for help. You can also call and ask your nurse and your doctor to help explain.

Usually patients who are taking Xenical should take each dosage with a full water cup. It should also be taken with each of your meals containing fats. Your medication should always be taken during a meal or if you wish to do otherwise you may take Xenical an hour before your meals.

Patients who are taking Xenical should note that each of their meals should have no more than 30% fat calories in it. Your daily fat, protein and carbohydrate intake should be evenly divided among your three courses throughout the day. Your doctor can help you with a diet plan if needed.

It is not advised that you consume more than the prescribed dosage of Xenical. Doing so may not even show increased weight loss, but may increase side effects and health problems.

It is not uncommon for Xenical to be administered with a multi-vitamin, for the fats that are blocked by Xenical can include “healthy fats” such as your omega-3s and other fat soluble minerals and vitamins. Your doctor may advise you to take your multi-vitamin 2 hours prior or after your Xenical dosage.

Missed and Overdosed Dosages

If you ever miss a dosage of Xenical, take the skipped dosage an hour after your meal. In the event that more than an hour has gone by since the last meal you should skip the missed dosage and resume your regular dosage schedule as prescribed. You should never take a double dosage of this prescription.

If you have skipped a meal you are allowed to skip your Xenical dosage for that meal. You can also skip your Xenical dosage if you’ve had a meal without any fats.

If you believe that you may have overdosed, it’s important that you get emergency medical care as soon as possible because overdose effects have not been studied thoroughly for Xenical.
Xenicals warnings

A patient should never take Xenical without consulting their doctor first especially if you have gallbladder symptoms, and a severe syndrome of malabsorption. If you experience the previously mentioned conditions you may possibly be ineligible to be prescribed to Xenical.

Patients who experience the following symptoms below may be ineligible to take Xenical. If you require special care while taking this medication or adjustment to the normal dosages you may also be ineligible to take Xenical.

If you experience any of the symptoms below and would like to take Xenical, you should speak to your doctor:

If you have experienced any past or current histories of kidney stones,
If you are currently taking any other medications for weight loss,
If you are currently taking Sandimmine and Neoral which is also known as Cyclosporine, and
Patients who need to be monitored while taking Xenical

Pregnant patients would be happy to know that Xenical falls into category B for the FDA Pregnancy, meaning that is safe to take while you are pregnant since its predicted that it won’t effect or harm your unborn child. Although Xenical is listed as safe by the FDA Pregnacy, a patient is still recommended to consulting a doctor before taking Xenical.

Breastfeeding patients should be aware that Xenical has not been thoroughly studied. Whether it shows in a mother’s milk or not is still unknown. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to consult with your doctor if you wish to take Xenical and you still are breastfeeding.

Xenical Side Effects

Xenical side effects can include anything from changes in your bowels, oily stool, frequent visits to the restroom, excessive and oily gas, and abnormally colored waste.

You should stop taking this medication right away if you experience any allergic reactions such as:

Inflammation of the face, mouth, or tongue
Tightness of the throat
Severe diarrhea

If any of these symptoms occur you should notify your doctor and stop taking Xenical. Other side effects in addition to the one stated above are liable to occur so keep an eye on your health and describe your symptoms to your doctor thoroughly as possible.

Medications that can affect Xenical

Certain medications can affect the process of Xenical and or cause harmful problems. Whenever taking any medication you should tell your doctor of any other medications that you are on prior to receiving Xenical. Warfarin, aslo known as Coumadin, and Cyclosporine should not be taken with Xencial without first telling your doctor about them.

The following cholesterol medication should be noted with your doctor prior to taking
Xenical as well:
Zocor, or

Please note that there are other drugs not listed above that may interfere with Xenical and your health. Your doctor can tell you if Xenical is right for you based on your current prescriptions, conditions, and/or needs.